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Share your accomplishments in Excellence and be Recognized! 

Dare and Challenge yourself through the Excellence” Award! 

Through the “Excellence” Award, the EUMA professional Association is pleased to announce the launch of the ultimate recognition for great achievements within our profession and our community.

This is indeed a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Strengthen peer-to-peer relationships,
  • Understand the essential ingredients needed to reach and maximize professional excellence,
  • Capture and share knowledge through our community,
  • Set a high standard toward which our community will aspire,
  • Elevate the status of our profession,
  • And be awarded for your hard work, expertise, best practices sharing.

And we are now soliciting your abstracts [see registration form to access the questions].

Best of luck to all of you!


All abstracts must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All abstracts must be in English.
  • All abstracts can be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (see maximum of words per question), or as a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format (one slide per question) or as a media video [length = 10 minutes max.]
  • Part-completed abstract will be rejected. Please make sure you replied to all the questions.
  • Your name and e-mail address must be included in your abstract along with the other required details [see registration form].
  • The EUMA members and non-EUMA members are invited to submit their abstracts – However to be shortlisted for the final award, you need to be registered to attend the Annual Conference and be there physically to receive the award.
  • The winner and Runners-up are committed to make a brief talk during the EUMA Annual Conference and to be interviewed locally.
  • The “Excellence” Award will be hand-remitted by the Judging Panel.
  • Please be aware that all abstracts will be shared within the EUMA Community:
    1. therefore the winner and runners-up accept to be photographed and to have his/her name displayed on www.euma.org
    2. therefore the winner and runners-up accept to be interviewed for purposes linked to the EUMA communication material and to any professional magazines promoting the EUMA Association.
  • The “Excellence” Award Organizing Team reserves the right to cancel the award in the event of low participation or of any unforeseen circumstances or technical reason outside its reasonable control.
  • The “Excellence” Award Organizing Team reserves the right to disqualify any abstract which does not comply with all the conditions stated above.

I read the above-mentioned eligibility guidelines and accept them by ticking the box.      


A world-renowned Judging Panel will convene to select the best abstracts and to award a Winner and 2 Runners-up with prizes.
Further information will be provided soon.

There are three prizes to be won: One (1) winner and two (2) Runners-up will be awarded.
Relevant information will be provided soon.


Relevant information will be provided soon.